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Bellrock Home

Georgian Grandeur

My thanks to IAN COWE for this fascinating insight into these little-known features of Scotland's early lighthouses. His extensive library of lighthouse photographs and other scans can be seen on Flickr

Isle of May

You might not believe it - but there are only five years between these two lighthouses. A different design to fit the location!

ABOVE - The wonderful castellated architecture of the Isle of May (1816)
BELOW - The slender tower of the Bell Rock, the first of Stevenson's lighthouses (1811).

Photos -© IAN COWE

Bell Rock


Girdleness lion

The Georgian lighthouse builders seemed to have a preoccupation with zoomorphic and classical design. Many of the early lights were decorated in this way.
The scans shown here may have decorated the Bell in earlier times, but due to successive modernisation most (if not all) have disappeared.

Girdleness paw

A tiger or lion paw?



Door handles? No, ventilators!
To open. just turn to allow the air in (or maybe out)!

Noss Head



EddieDishon's Bell Rock miscellany

Eddie worked for the NLB for many years. Some of the scans were taken after the fire of 1988.


From top (above) to bottom (below)

base of light

Bell night Night Bell

Night-time at the Bell

Morning delivery of papers, milk and rolls.

Bell rock landing Lighthouse landing

No easy feat to land at the Bell!

Bell Rock

"Travellers", huge boulders thrown onto the rock in heavy seas, can weight more than 2 tons. These look quite small by comparison. They will be swept off again with the next strong sea.

More to follow. . . .